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8Hotels began in 2003 by leasing a 14 room hotel in Sydney's Darlinghurst and by 2013 had grown into a market leading boutique hotel management company with a collection of 21 hotels and over 1200 rooms located throughout Australia and abroad.


In 2014 & 2015 8Hotels successfully completed a company transformative divestment strategy of selling some core hotel assets and terminating agreements on non core hotels. This further strengthened the 8Hotels balance sheet to embark on a new phase of growth through development, ownership and management of key hotel assets via our fully integrated operating platform. This platform includes Architecture & Design, Finance, Human Resources & Training, Distribution & Revenue Management, Information Technology and Food & Beverage.


Currently, new hotels are being developed in Haymarket, Surry Hills, Pyrmont, & Sydney Airport.





Our Vision is to maximise value, optimise financial returns and build our expertise as an industry leading hotel company, through the provision of a dynamic range of products and services, the promotion of a passionate service philosophy, and through a culture of authenticity and an entrepreneurial spirit.



8Hotels is a personalised hotel company offering hotel management , development, asset management, and specialised services to a range of business in its portfolio

Our company approaches each business as a unique and individual identity whilst offering the benefits of being part of a collective.

Our centralised head office team supports and facilitates success by achieving high performance for the benefit of its guests, employees, owners

and associated stakeholders



Our Values connect strongly to our Vision and are listed below through our performance areas. When combined, our values lead to success

for our people and our company.


ENGAGEMENT – Love what you do and deeply connect with the purpose and vision of your role and your influence on the success of your team and our company, personifying the passionate service philosophy which lies at the heart of everything we do.


COLLABORATION – Collaborate with people at all levels effectively, efficiently and authentically within and across teams, applying a hands on approach, communicating with transparency, connecting to the bigger picture, and aligning personal contributions with the achievement of collective team goals.


LEARNING and DEVELOPMENT –  Develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours in a continued quest to achieve positive outcomes in the present and be better in the future, by learning from experience, exploring new ways, thinking progressively, and self-reflecting.


ACHIEVEMENT – Make an impact by focusing on what is important, directly leading you and the business to the delivery of specific, tangible and measureable outcomes, accomplishing results which make a real difference to performance, at the highest possible level, in a way that can be relied on consistently.




We foster a culture that learns from experience, meets challenges head on and is quick to identify and act on new opportunities and changing circumstances. Success is measured by the performance outcomes in each of our businesses and the subsequent growth of 8Hotels as a collective hotel company.


We are a perpetual work in progress and choose this strategy deliberately, as we believe it makes us better at what we do. Because of this, we are always looking for new ideas, new technologies and open to change and even transformation.

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