Unyoked is a wilderness-on-demand service that provides the overly busy with off-grid, all-natural solutions to most of life's pressing problems.


We partner with land owners to create secret hideaways in incredible locations across Australia.


Our custom-built, personally curated cabins are entirely sustainable and self-sufficient, and only a few hours drive from capital cities, giving everyone access to awe-inspiring nature when they need it most.


Whether it's unplugging from your inbox or finding the space for creative projects, we believe there's nothing spending time among a few hundred trees won't fix. 



Typsy is based in Melbourne, Australia and offers a library of online video courses worldwide including Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. Typsy’s video lessons help hotel and restaurant chains, hospitality learning institutions, food and beverage venues and passionate individuals to upskill.

Typsy’s hospitality training and learning experience platform enables users to create custom content or access its video course library in 18 languages (English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi and more in closed captions). Topics such as management, service, food and beverage, marketing and compliance courses are delivered by world-class instructors and are available on desktop and mobile.

Typsy saw exponential growth in 2020 with a 372 percent increase in member numbers, as well as more than 8 million video lessons watched.